Thursday, 13 April 2017

Work in progress- WW1 German artillery

I don't often do Work In Progress blog entries, but I haven't had much new painted recently. These are 15mm 10.5cm FH 98/09 from PSC, painted but unbased.

I painted one last year:

I did these ones a much lighter grey, to better match my beloved early panzers. I'm thinking about putting them on a 40mm round base (compared to the 50mm rectangular), but I'm not sold on that yet.

Friday, 7 April 2017

Saga Revenants

These are Gripping Beast's Revenants, a six point Saga force. They are a good blend of horrific and comical, and take a slapdash paint job really well.

Saga Revenants

They come with two Grave Pits, that can be moved about the battlefield and 'erupted' into fresh undead units.
Grave Pits

I got a Draugr from Elladan to use as their leader. It is a lovely model, albeit fragile around the arms.
Elladan Draugr

The snow is PVA glue, baking soda, and a smidgen of Secret Weapon crushed glass.

These were the last thing I painted for the Analogue Painting Challenge, and it's been hard to pick up a brush after that! I even forgot to post here last week...

Friday, 24 March 2017

Imperial Assault- Stormtrooper specialists

I finished off the last of my Imperial Assault miniatures I had sitting around. It's a bit of a slog painting white armour...

First up are the Jet Troopers. I have to say, I quite like the idea of them zipping about the battlefield, even if they will never hit anything. These troopers are based on a Disney ride! The colours are taken from the invaluable 501st Costume Reference Library.
Jet Troopers

Next, a dewback patrol. The officer has the orange pauldron and the trooper has a bendy shock rod. I think the riders are strangely anachronistic in this age of hyperspace, antigravity, and lasers. The dewbacks look rather placid but pack quite a bite.

Captain Terro

Dewback rider
 Finally, I had two more ISB infiltrators to empty out the plastic pile.
ISB Infiltrators
I'm looking forward to the next wave of releases in a few months!

Friday, 17 March 2017

Mystery Investigators

These intrepid souls are perfect investigators for Kooky Teenage Monster Hunters. I can also see them in a Mansions of Madness adventure- maybe where instead of going mad, you run away, or need to have a sandwich.

"Help me pull off Great Cthulhu's head- why, it's just that old Mr Lovecraft!"

These are from Hasslefree, and I really enjoyed painting the brighter colours. They were my entry for the AHPC VII theme round 'Character(s) and/or Scene from a Movie, TV Program, Book or Piece of Music', and I'm pleased to say I received third place!

Friday, 10 March 2017

Jabba's court

Here are the scum figures from the latest Imperial Assault release, Jabba's Realm, starting with the big fella himself.
Jabba the Hutt

His Gamorrean Guards are really characterful, classic pig-faced orcs.
Gamorrean Guards

The Weequay are nice sculpts, but I'm not really a fan of their pose.
Weequay Pirates

The main attraction is the Rancor. She is absolutely gigantic, and was a pleasure to paint.

Friday, 3 March 2017

Imperial Assault rebels

More rebels for Imperial Assault!

First up, Luke Skywalker in his Jedi garb. He's not quite as green as he looks.

Next, some Alliance Rangers, which were quick to paint.

Finally, some rebel scum- these characters can be played as rebels in the campaign, or can be used as scum in skirmishes.

I quite like these sculpts, especially Vinto, who is full of movement and character. I didn't realise he was missing an ear trumpet thing. Omar is a solid slab of meat, and Shyla looks like she'll be a little tornado on the battlefield.

Friday, 24 February 2017

Plastic Soldier Company Great War Tanks

This collection of tanks are from PSC for their Great War game. They are single piece precoloured 1:100 models, and are very cleanly sculpted and casted. I highly recommend them.

The Mark IV comes in Male and Female varieties, with and without a pair of 6 Pdrs respectively.
Mark IVs

Mark IV Males

Mark IV Females

The British also get a Whippet.

To make up for the scarcity of their A7V panzers (see last week's post), the Germans salvaged British Mark IVs and repainted them as Beutepanzers.
Mark IV Beutepanzers

These are all great sculpts and a pleasure to paint. I really like the asymmetry and oddball appearances of these early beasts, and I hope that PSC does a French range at some stage.
All the PSC WW1 tanks
I used Vallejo Dark Earth paste, drybrushed with US Tan, for the mud.

These were painted for AHPC VII.